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About File Savers Data Recovery

About the Owner

File Savers Data Recovery was formed by Brent Jackson who served as the lead engineer for a national data recovery company for 3 years before starting File Savers. Before that, Brent served 3 years with the same company on their sales and marketing team where he worked directly with clients to create a better customer experience.

Before Brent took over as the lead engineer, the company he worked for outsourced much of its more difficult work to other full service data recovery companies around the country. This was because they didn't have a team of engineers who were trained and able to perform the complicated work necessary. When Brent took over, he immediately started R&D work and within 3 months, the company he worked for no longer outsourced any of it's work.

Brent's dream was to own and operate a successful data recovery company where he could implement his own thoughts and ways of doing business. He wanted to create a dramatically improved customer experience and a branding people would remember. Now that File Savers has been formed Brent is able to fulfill his dream and create this cool company where we save personal and business data every day from even the most difficult situations including; drives that have been through natural disasters such as fire and flood.

Brent has a never give up attitude that carries over to the entire crew at File Savers and drives it forward ever increasing and leading File Savers forward in technological advancements. His experience and never give up personality has taken File Savers beyond any data recovery schooling or certifications that can be achieved in our industry.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make our advanced clean room data recovery services affordable to almost everyone. We promise to always be advancing in our knowledge, skills and technology and to never give up until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your data. We will strive to perfect our customer service skills and capabilities and we will never become complacent in our learning because we know we can always improve.



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