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Removable media is used universally to store, transport and backup files all over the world. Removable media and flash media have become incredibly popular in the last few years. This is mostly because of its versatility, increased storage capacities, low prices and the large number of smart phones, PDA's, cameras, video cameras, laptops and tablets sold around the world.

There are many different removable media interfaces and device types available, however USB flash drives, SD cards and micro SD cards have become the most universally adopted interfaces today. Most electronic storage devices sold today have jumped on board and accept the USB, SD or Micro SD card interfaces. Now, USB flash drives and SD cards are transfered from device to device and from place to place on a daily basis in homes and business all over the world.

We use them to store, backup, transport and transfer files all the time. The convenience and versatility is awesome. The problem is they become accidentally damaged during these transports and leave you without access to your data. We are seeing more physical failures resulting from dropped external hard drives, bent or broken flash drives and crushed, cracked or broken camera cards than ever before. We are also seeing more important data being stored on these portable media devices as well. When your removable media device fails and you simply can't afford to lose your data, File Savers Data Recovery is here to help.