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Why Choose File Savers to Rescue Your IMPORTANT Data?

File Savers Gives You The Best Chance of Successful Data RecoveryHighest Success Rates: We wont stop until we have exhausted all solutions to recover your data. File Savers Beyond Certified EngineersBeyond Certified: Going above traditional training to solve the most complicated situations.
File Savers Has A No Data No Charge PolicyNo Data No Charge: We stand behind our work. Guaranteed to recover data or there's no charge.

File Savers ISO 5 Class 100 Clean RoomISO 5 Clean Room: So dust and debris won't enter your HDD's during the recovery process.
File Savers HIPPA & PCI Compiant Trusted Data Recovery Service ProviderTrusted & Secure: HIPPA & PCI compliant so you can trust your data is always safe and secure. 24/7 Emergency Fastest Data Recovery Service Fastest Service: 24/7 Emergency Service available so we can have your data back in your hands fast.
File Savers Has The Most Experienced RAID Data Recovery EngineersExperienced Engineers: Means we have seen it all! If it's possible to recover, we'll recover it.

File Savers Custom Data Recovery Tools & TechniquesCustom Tools & Techniques: Proprietary tools & techniques to help us recover data others can't.

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Yes....We Recover All Solid State Drive Brands
And We're Manufacture Approved To Do It!

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Seagate SSD Data Recovery Manufacture Approved
Western Digital SSD data recovery manufacture approved
Toshiba SSD data recovery manufacture approved
SanDisk SSD Data Recovery Service
ADATA SSD Data Recovery Service
Corsair SSD Data Recovery Service
Crucial SSD Data Recovery Service
G-Skill SSD Data Recovery Service
Kingston SSD Data Recovery Service
OCZ SSD data recovery service
Micron SSD data recovery service
Apple SSD data recovery service
Intel SSD data recovery service
Runcore SSD data recovery
Plextor SSD Data Recovery Service

Manufactures TRUST us with
their SSD's & our data recovery
work will never void your warranty!

We retrieve data from ALL SSD
drive makes & models &
every type of Solid State Drive failure!


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IMPORTANT SSD Data Recovery Tips

Power Off Hard Drive

Power Off Drive

Power off your SSD drive!
This is the number one thing you
can do to prevent further damage
& increase your chance of a
successful recovery!

Unrecognized Hard Drive, Clicking, Beeping, Buzzing, Crashed, Failed, Unrecognized


If your SSD is unrecognized, it likely
has some type of physical problem that could be related to the physical chips or even the firmware/software that makes the SSD operate properly. Powering off your SSD right now may prevent more catastrophic damage that could make your files impossible to recover.

Deleted, Formated, Lost Data

Deleted | Formatted

If you accidentally delete data from your SSD, it's critical you power it off immediately. Doing this may make it possible to recover your files. This is because all current SSD's have a built in feature enabled by default called trim. Trim basically sends a command to the SSD to wipe the deleted files in a way that makes them impossible to recover. However, some drives do not complete the wiping process for 24 hours after the deletion occurs.
Water Damage, Flood Damaged Hard Drive

Water Damage

Drying out your SSD causes corrosion and other problems that can make recovery of your SSD more challenging. We have proprietary ways of dealing with your water damaged SSD in order to successfully recover your files. If your SSD was submerged in water, place it inside a sealed airtight zip lock bag and get it to our lab ASAP. This will increase our chance of successfully recovering your data.

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Yes....We Recover All Windows,
Mac & Linux SSD Drives

Windows Data Recovery
Apple Data Recovery / Mac Data Recovery
Linux Data Recovery


Mechanical Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery

Physical Failure

You know your SSD is physically failed if it's simply no longer recognized by your computer or recognizes as the incorrect size. Our team of specially trained engineers along with our world class SSD data recovery tools, equipment and technology lead the industry in recovering important data from physically failed SSD's.

When your SSD is physically failed, no one will give you a better chance of a successful recovery.

Logical Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery

Logical Failure

Believe us when we say we have seen it all. Our engineers regularly recover data from logically failed Windows, Mac & Linux SSD's that suffer from boot sector corruption, failed Update or damaged OS.

In case your wondering, it's nearly impossible to recover deleted data from an SSD because of a feature called Trim. Trim is enabled by default on all current SSD's which wipes the data to zeros when something is deleted.

Encrypted Hard Drive Data Recovery Service


Our engineers regularly recover physically failed solid state drives that have been encrypted with BitLocker and FileVault.

We're also trained and experienced in recovering SSD's encrypted with TruCrypt, VeraCrypt, DiskCrypt, Endpoint and more. No matter If your failed SSD is drive level encrypted or file level encrypted, we can probably recover it.

SSD Data Recovery Service Options

24/7 Emergency Data Recovery Service

24/7 (1-2 Days Estimated)

We begin recovery immediately upon
receiving your Solid State Drive at our lab.
We continue 24/7 data recovery service
until complete. Final price will not
exceed top of quote range.

2-5 Day Rush Data Recovery Service

2 - 5 Days Estimated

We begin data recovery immediately upon
receiving your SSD at our lab. We
continue recovery during normal business
hours until your data is fully retrieved.
Final Price will not exceed top of quote range.

5-9 Day Standard Data Recovery Service

7 - 14 Days Estimated

We diagnose your SSD shortly upon receiving
it in our lab. A firm price is given before
we continue forward. Upon Approval, your
drive goes behind other Standard service
cases and is worked on in order of approval.

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SSD Data Recovery Complications

SSD drives are becoming more and more popular due to their incredibly fast read / write speeds, lower pricing and technology that contains no moving parts. Many manufactures have entered the market using a variety of technology, gigabyte sizes and connection types for different purposes. Some use the typical SATA connection and are built to replace the standard 2.5 inch laptop hard drive while others use form factor connection types such as M.2, mSATA or other custom connections like what Apple uses in their Mac Book Air computers that allow computer manufactures to make some of the thinnest laptops in the world.

Because of the incredibly fast changes in the SSD market and the number of companies building SSD drives, SSD data recovery is extremely complicated. This is due to the many number of non standard configurations and controller types that dozens of manufactures are building today. SSD controllers use far more complicated algorithms than large RAID systems. Each SSD manufacture uses their own proprietary algorithms, firmware and wear leveling features to help extend the life of their SSD's. Some controllers even encrypt the data on the fly without the user even knowing. This has created many hurdles in the process of learning how to recover data from each of these new devices we see. While we have yet to see every SSD on the market in our lab, we have seen and successfully recovered data from a huge number of them. Our engineers are continually learning more about how each of these manufactures store data on their SSD's so we can continue adding new manufactures to our supported drives list....

The Basics of SSD Technology and NAND Flash Chips

All solid state drives use an array of multiple NAND flash chips along with a controller and firmware that determines how the data is written across the chips. There are three basic technology types of NAND flash chips that all SSD's on the market use; SLC, MLC and TLC. Most SSD's on th market today use either MLC or TLC technology in order to achieve higher capacity gigabyte sized storage devices at more competitive prices. The problem is these higher capacity chips have a much lower number of writes before they start to fail. SLC chips are rated at about 100,000 writes per cell, MLC chips are rated at about 10,000 writes per cell and TLC chips are rated at about 3000 to 5000 writes per cell before individual cells start to fail.

Like a battery that loses its ability to hold a charge after a certain amount of time or recharges, all NAND flash chips have a certain amount of writes per cell at which point they start to develop bad sectors leading to NAND chip failure. Nearly all SSD's with MLC or TLC chips are designed with wear leveling technology that allow them to adjust for these bad sectors or damaged areas using error correction code (ECC) technology. This means a certain amount of storage capacity is set aside on the drive by the controller and firmware to replace the damaged cells of your SSD as they fail in order to keep your SSD working like its supposed to. When an SSD drive reaches it's maximum number of errors solid state drives will often lock up or fail making the SSD not recognizable by your system or recognizable as an incorrect gigabyte size.

How Long Will it Take Before I Get the Diagnosis Results?

We perform the diagnosis of your failed SSD the same day we receive it in our lab. In most cases, your assigned data recovery technician call that same day to go over our findings. You will then decide if you would like us to proceed with the recovery attempt or not.

What if Your Price To Recover My Data Is Too Expensive, Can I Choose Out?

Yes, You can simply come and pick your hard drive up, pay $15 for return shipping to have it sent back or donate the drive to us for parts. It's your choice!

After You Recover My Data, How Do I Get It Back?

We transfer your recovered data to a brand new USB external hard drive or flash drive that you can purchase from us. You may also provide your own drive as well. It is very important that we recover your data to a brand new hard drive as we have experienced to many problems with used hard drives that our customers have provided to us in the past. For small or time critical files such as QuickBooks, SQL, etc.... we can upload them to our server for immediate download.