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How Much Does Our Data Recovery Service Cost?

We Need to Perform a FREE Evaluation of Your Media Device to Know For Sure!

When your hard drive, RAID, NAS device, flash drive or camera card crashes leaving you without access to your important files, you need a data recovery service you can trust.

Our Process is Simple and Fair: Call us so we can start by gathering a little information to help us provide you with an initial estimated price range based on the device type, storage capacity and service level you want. We are known for having the best prices and service combination in the country for full service clean room work!

Next, You will either bring your failed media device to our office in Broomfield or ship it to our clean room lab where we will perform a free evaluation of your hard drive, flash drive, camera card or single drive NAS device. Our evaluations are normally completed the same day we receive your media device in our lab regardless of what service you choose. For RAID's, we need to go through the entire recovery process to accurately provide you with a firm price for recovery. This is due to the complex nature of RAID system architecture.

Once the evaluation has been completed, we will provide you with a firm and fair price based on the failure, storage capacity, device type and service level you choose.

If you approve the price and choose to have us attempt recovery of your data, we will move your media device to our recovery queue where it will be worked on in the order it is received and/or the service level you choose. We guarantee we will recover your data or there is no charge for the recovery attempt.

Finally, We will return your recovered data to you on a brand new USB external hard drive or flash drive (depending on how much data you have).

We Are The Trusted Broomfield Colorado Data Recovery Service Provider Because...


We Won't Give Up on even the most complicated cases until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files (we often recover data from failed hard drives and RAID's other well known data recovery services have called unrecoverable).

Manufacturer Approved by all hard drive, RAID, flash drive and camera card manufacturers to recover your data without voiding your warranty.

HIPPA & PCI Compliant so you can rest assured your important files that are private or government regulated are kept safe throughout the recovery process.

Best Value for full service data recovery guaranteed. We have the best pricing, recovery rates and service combination in the country. No one will put in more effort to make sure you get a high quality recovery with original file structure for less money anywhere!

How Fast Will You Recover My Data?

Because we have over 100 active cases in our building at all times and not every client has time sensitive data, we offer four speeds of data recovery services to meet the needs and demands of our Broomfield Colorado clients.

We offer 2-4 day Rush Service or 24/7 Emergency Service for businesses who have lost time critical and vitally important data. We also offer our 5-10 day Standard Service and our 2-4 week Budget service for those who have lost important information that is less time sensitive.

Regardless of how quickly you need your data, our engineers and advisors are ready to take your call, get you pricing and help you start getting your lost data back today!


Looking For The Best Prices To Recover Your Data?

Broomfield Colorado customers can choose our Budget Service and get the nations best data recovery service at a fraction of the price. Our Budget data recovery service turnaround time is typically about 2-4 weeks for most cases. We still guarantee successful recovery of your data or there is no charge and we still promise the best possible effort. We simply won't give up on your complicated data recovery case until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files successfully. Even if we lose money on your case in the process.


Why Are Your Prices So Much Less Than Your Competition?

Most of our competitors spend a ton to advertise their business on Google Ad words. Our studies show that most data recovery companies spend between $300 and $500 in advertising for every hard drive that comes to them from Google Ad Words. THAT'S JUST ADVERTISING EXPENSES! The reality is this forces them to price every job they get at the top end of their much higher price quotes.

File Savers has been determined to spend very little money advertising along the way. We have spent our time and money getting ourselves ranked organically (FREE) on Google for the search terms we know our clients search for. We also have a few other cool things we do to help us get our name out to people without spending a lot. This simple yet time consuming trick is what allows us to provide our clients with significantly lower pricing than most of our competitors.



Hard drive and RAID Data Recovery in Our ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room


If your computer hard drive, external hard drive or RAID hard drives are mechanically failed, it will likely need to be opened in our ISO 5 Class 100 clean rooms dust free, static free environment. Here, we replace precision parts and repair damage to the hard drive so that we can successfully recover your files. We will then use our high tech machines and tools to recalibrate your hard drive, repair the firmware, deal with physical platter damage and ultimately recover your data. Our highly trained technicians are trained to recover data from virtually every make and model hard drive including; Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, HGST, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Samsung, and more. We are also manufacturer approved to recover your data without voiding your hard drives warranty in our clean room environment.



RAID Recovery for Broomfield Colorado Business and Individuals.

If your RAID array or multi drive NAS, external USB, Firewire, eSATA or Thunderbolt RAID device has failed, we can help you recover your data. We perform RAID data recovery from RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 55, RAID 60 and more for customers from Broomfield Colorado and surrounding areas. We can recover data from RAID servers that suffer multiple hard drive failure, hardware failure, logical failure, user errors and natural disasters. If your RAID has failed, we highly recommend you turn it off and do not continue to attempt data recovery yourself. If your RAID is no longer working properly, do not perform rebuilds, do not run check disk and do not start replacing RAID member drives. A simple mistake like that can cost you any chance of a successful recovery of your files.



I live in Broomfield Colorado, Do you have a way I can recover my data myself?

If your hard drive or computer is suffering from a logical failure, you can attempt to recover your data yourself using our data recovery software. Sometimes computers fail to boot or they are not recognized by your operating system. This can be caused by a damaged or corrupted partition table, boot sector or operating system. This can happen if your machine turns off during an important update or it can be caused by a nasty virus. You can also attempt to recover your data yourself if you have accidentally deleted files.

Try Our Data Recovery Software solution today! It's the best data recovery software out there. If it turns out you are unable to recover your data using our software, you can send your drive into our lab where we will credit the cost of the software towards the cost of your successful in lab recovery. Our data recovery software is easy to use and intuitive so almost anyone can use it without much instruction. We have a step by step set of instructions to help you attempt recovery yourself if you would like to try it.

Important: Do not ever attempt to recover data from a physically failing or mechanically failing hard drive yourself or with data recovery software. If you believe your hard drive is mechanically failing, power it off and do not power it on again. You need professional data recovery.


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Manufacture Approved to Recover Data From All Hard Drive Brands!

Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery Western Digital hard drive data recovery Toshiba hard drive data recovery Hitachi hard drive data recovery Samsung hard drive data recovery Fujitsu hard data recovery HGST hard drive data recovery Quantum hard drive data recovery Maxtor hard drive data recovery IBM hard drive data recovery

Finally.... The perfect combination of low prices and great service for advanced clean room data recovery!

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