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Emergency Service Available

Emergency Data Recovery
Available For Time Critical Business Data

24/7 Data Recovery Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Data Recovery Service

We work around the clock 7 days
a week when you choose our
Emergency data recovery service!

Most Emergency data recoveries
are completed within 24 to 48 hours
upon recieving your device in our lab

100% Guaranteed to recover
your data from your FAILDED device
or there's no recovery charge!

Data recovery engineer working on SSD drive

Data Recovery Service Options

24/7 Emergency Data Recovery Service

24/7 (1-2 Days Estimated)

We begin recovery immediately upon
receiving your device at our lab.
We continue 24/7 data recovery service
until complete. Final price will not
exceed top of quote range.

2-5 Day Rush Data Recovery Service

2 - 5 Days Estimated

We begin data recovery immediately upon
receiving your device at our lab. We
continue recovery during normal business
hours until your data is fully retrieved.
Final Price will not exceed top of quote range.

5-9 Day Standard Data Recovery Service

5 - 9 Days Estimated

We diagnose your device shortly upon receiving
it in our lab. A firm price is given before
we continue forward. Upon Approval, your
drive goes behind other Standard service
cases and is worked on in order of approval.

Why Choose File Savers to Rescue Your IMPORTANT Data?

File Savers Gives You The Best Chance of Successful Data RecoveryHighest Success Rates: We wont stop until we have exhausted all solutions to recover your data. File Savers Beyond Certified EngineersBeyond Certified: Going above traditional training to solve the most complicated situations.
File Savers Has A No Data No Charge PolicyNo Data No Charge: We stand behind our work. Guaranteed to recover data or there's no charge.

File Savers ISO 5 Class 100 Clean RoomISO 5 Clean Room: So dust and debris won't enter your HDD's during the recovery process.
File Savers HIPPA & PCI Compiant Trusted Data Recovery Service ProviderTrusted & Secure: HIPPA & PCI compliant so you can trust your data is always safe and secure. 24/7 Emergency Fastest Data Recovery Service Fastest Service: 24/7 Emergency Service available so we can have your data back in your hands fast.
File Savers Has The Most Experienced RAID Data Recovery EngineersExperienced Engineers: Means we have seen it all! If it's possible to recover, we'll recover it. File Savers Custom Data Recovery Tools & TechniquesCustom Tools & Techniques: Proprietary tools & techniques to help us recover data others can't.

5 SIMPLE Steps To Get Your Data Back Faster
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Yes....We Recover All Storage Device Brands
And We're Manufacture Approved To Do It!

Samsung  hard drive data recovery manufacture approved
Seagate SSD Data Recovery Manufacture Approved
Western Digital SSD data recovery manufacture approved
Toshiba SSD data recovery manufacture approved
SanDisk SSD Data Recovery Service
ADATA SSD Data Recovery Service
Corsair SSD Data Recovery Service
Crucial SSD Data Recovery Service
G-Skill SSD Data Recovery Service
Kingston SSD Data Recovery Service
OCZ SSD data recovery service
Micron SSD data recovery service
Apple SSD data recovery service
Intel SSD data recovery service
Runcore SSD data recovery
Plextor SSD Data Recovery Service
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Emergency Data Recovery for Your Business

You've Lost Critical Data and Need Emergency Response Data Recovery Service Now! We Can Help.

Our emergency response data recovery service is for you when your business has lost time critical data and you need it back extremely fast. Your case will be our number one priority and a team of our specialized data recovery engineers will be assigned to work on your failed RAID, hard drive or media device 24/7 around the clock until we have completed the recovery of your important files. Our goal is to get your data back in your hands and get your business operational as quickly as possible.

When critical data has been lost, a speedy recovery can mean the difference between life and death for your business. In most cases we can complete the recovery of your data from your failed RAID, hard drive or other media device in 24-48 hours.

Our Emergency Service Promise to You: We will work around the clock and not give up on your case until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files.

Warning: Never open your hard drive yourself. Never push down on the lid of your drive. Never put your drive in the freezer. Never tap, hit or drop your hard drive. If you believe your hard drive is failing, turn it off and do not continue to apply power to it. Hard drives are extremely sensitive and can easily be made unrecoverable.

File Savers is manufacturer approved to recover your data from your failed media device in our ISO 5 class 100 clean room environment without voiding your warranty. We are also HIPPA and PCI compliant and ready to help you recover your medical or financial data quickly.