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Data Recovery For Home Users

We understand how frustrating losing your family pictures, video's and documents from your failed hard drive can be. The Good news is, losing your data doesn't have to be permanent. Our certified & experienced engineers can recover data from most mechanically failed hard drives, flash drives camera cards, SSD's, smart phones, multiple drive RAID servers, NAS devices & phones. If it's possible to recover your data, we'll recover it!

The most important thing you can do to avoid permanent data loss is power off your device and stop messing with it. Each attempt at powering on a failed hard drive, phone or failed media device can make the problem worse and even cause irreversible data loss thats impossible for anyone to recover.



IMPORTANT Hard Drive Data Recovery Tips

Power Off Hard Drive

Slow to Recognize
Or Can't Open Files


Power off your hard drive! It has likley sustained serious media damage. This is a big problem because we know it's tempting to continue trying to extract the files yourself. This is a really bad idea because the immense stress your putting on your hard drive will make the problem worse and usually end in catastrophic damage to the media surface making your data impossible to recover!

This is something we see a lot so please don't make your data impossible to recover.

Unrecognized Hard Drive, Clicking, Beeping, Buzzing, Crashed, Failed, Unrecognized

Unrecognized Or
Unusual Noises


POWER OFF YOUR HARD DRIVE IMMEDIATLY & STOP MESSING WITH IT! If your hard drive is unrecognized or making unusual noises, it's likely a serious mechanical problem. Just applying power to it causes significant stress that will likely lead to catastrophic damage. This will quickly make your files unrecoverable.

Your hard drive needs to come to our clean room where we can open it and repair damages in order to succesfully recover your data.

Deleted, Formated, Lost Data

Deleted | Formatted
Missing Files


If your data has been accidentally deleted or formatted or your files are missing, it's important to power off your hard drive to stop those files from being overwritten.

Even surfing the internet writes data to your hard drive. Any usage of your hard drive will quickly overwrite the data you are hoping to recover. Despite what you have heard or maybe seen on TV, once data has been overwritten, it can't be recovered.

Water Damage, Flood Damaged Hard Drive

Water Damage


DO NOT DRY OUT YOUR HARD DRIVE! The platters of your hard drive are metal. Drying out your hard drive causes corrosion and will quickly make your data impossible to recover. If your hard drive was submerged in water, place the laptop drive inside a sealed airtight zip lock bag and get it to our lab ASAP to increase your chance of a successful recovery of your data.

7 SIMPLE Steps To Get Your Data Back
Start By Calling For a Free Estimate!

Call For Free Quote Call Now icon


Please call for a quick consultation and estimate before you bring your failed media device to our local office. We need to know what type of device you have, the failure symptoms and how quickly you need your data recovered. 866-221-3111

Send or Drop Off Media To Lab Get Media To Our Lab icon


After you receive your quote, bring your media device to our local office or ship it directly to our clean room lab. We will email you a pre-paid shipping label for convenience and perform a Free diagnosis of your drive when you choose to send it directly to our clean room.

Diagnose Media And Give Firm Price Free Diagnosis of your media recovery  before we start recovery icon


Our Standard Service includes a FREE diagnosis for all Alabama customers. Diagnosis will be completed by one of our highly trained & experienced engineers. He will locate the cause of failure and inspect for damages which will allow us to provide you with a report & firm price to recover your important files.

Approve Data Recovery Price Approve price and service for data recovery of media device icon


After the diagnosis of your media device, we will call you to go over our findings and provide you with a firm price. Next, we will email the diagnosis report and agreement that you will need to agree to and submit in order for us to move forward with the recovery attempt.

We Will Start The Data Recovery Process Data Recovery process starts icon


Upon receiving your approval to attempt recovery, your hard drive will be immediately moved to the recovery queue where the retrieval process will begin soon thereafter. The recovery turnaround time for our Standard Service is estimated 5-9 days.

Pay For Recovered Data Pay for recovered data icon


When your data recovery has been completed, we will notify you by phone and email. We will also email you a payment link so you can easily pay via credit card or Paypal online. Other payment types are accepted also. Recovered data is returned once full payment has been received.

Get Data Back On New Media Device Get your recovered data back on a new USB external flash drive or hard drive


Upon receiving full payment, we will return your recovered data on a new USB flash drive or hard drive that you provide or purchase from us. For small amounts of data (less than 10GB, we can load it to our server for instant download. If your data requires shipping from our main lab, we will send it 2-3 day or Overnight FedEx Express depending on your request.

Why Choose File Savers to Rescue Your IMPORTANT Data?
File Savers Gives You The Best Chance of Successful Data RecoveryHighest Success Rates: We wont stop until we have exhausted all solutions to recover your data. File Savers Beyond Certified EngineersBeyond Certified: Going above traditional training to solve the most complicated situations.
File Savers Has A No Data No Charge PolicyNo Data No Charge: We stand behind our work. Guaranteed to recover data or there's no charge.

File Savers ISO 5 Class 100 Clean RoomISO 5 Clean Room: So dust and debris won't enter your HDD's during the recovery process.
File Savers HIPPA & PCI Compiant Trusted Data Recovery Service ProviderTrusted & Secure: HIPPA & PCI compliant so you can trust your data is always safe and secure. 24/7 Emergency Fastest Data Recovery Service Fastest Service: 24/7 Emergency Service available so we can have your data back in your hands fast.
File Savers Has The Most Experienced RAID Data Recovery EngineersExperienced Engineers: Means we have seen it all! If it's possible to recover, we'll recover it. File Savers Custom Data Recovery Tools & TechniquesCustom Tools & Techniques: Proprietary tools & techniques to help us recover data others can't.

Data Recovery Service Options For Individual's

5-9 Day Standard Data Recovery Service

Standard Service


5 - 9 Days Estimated

We diagnose your device upon receiving it in our lab, then we get you a firm price before we continue forward with your data recovery.

Upon your approval, your device goes behind other Standard Service cases and is worked on in order of approval.

Note: All Rush & Emergency service cases jump in front of Standard service cases.

2-5 Day Rush Data Recovery Service

Budget Service


3 - 6 Weeks Estimated

This is our our most affordable option and specifically designed for those that designate photos as their most important file type. You must also be more focused on an affordable price than the speed of the recovery.

First, we diagnose your device upon receiving it in our lab then we get you a firm price to recover your data.

Upon your approval, your device goes in line behind all other Budget cases. Note: all Standard, Rush & Emergency jobs continually jump in front of Budget level jobs.

5-9 Day Standard Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Pricing


Prices Start at $300

The cost to recover data depends on the service level selected as well as the type, capacity & failure of your device. Data recovery is not inexpensive because of the large investment and commitment required to do it well.

Some of the main expenses include, staffing highly trained data recovery engineers, development and purchasing of custom tools, specialized equipment, certifications, security, software development, on going training & schooling, clean room, maintaining and updating all equipment, marketing, building leases & additional employees. Most importantly, we understand how important your data is to you which motives us to be great. We constantly push the limits of what's possible with continual research and develpement in an ever changing & advancing world of data recovery from complicated media storage devices.

That being said, most hard drives that we see are usually mechanically failed. A 1TB hard drive that is mechanically failed will usually cost between $700 and $1500 depending on the service level selected, drive type, capacity and failure.