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We Need to Perform a Diagnosis of Your Failed Hard Drive
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When your hard drive, RAID, NAS device, flash drive or camera card crashes leaving you without access to your important files, you need a Idaho Falls data recovery service you can trust.

Our Process is Simple and Fair: Call us so we can start by gathering a little information to help us provide you with an initial estimated price range based on the device type, storage capacity and service level you want. We are known for having the best prices and service combination in the country for full service clean room work!

Next, You will either bring your failed media device to our office in Idaho Falls or ship it to our clean room lab where we will perform a free evaluation of your hard drive, flash drive, camera card or single drive NAS device. Our evaluations are normally completed the same day we receive your media device in our lab regardless of what service you choose. For RAID's, we need to go through the entire recovery process to accurately provide you with a firm price for recovery. This is due to the complex nature of RAID system architecture.

Once the evaluation has been completed, we will provide you with a firm and fair price based on the failure, storage capacity, device type and service level you choose.

If you approve the price and choose to have us attempt recovery of your data, we will move your media device to our recovery queue where it will be worked on in the order it is received and/or the service level you choose. We guarantee we will recover your data or there is no charge for the recovery attempt.

Finally, We will return your recovered data to you on a brand new USB external hard drive or flash drive (depending on how much data you have).

We Are The Trusted Idaho Falls Idaho Data Recovery Service Provider Because...


We Won't Give Up on even the most complicated cases until we have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files (we often recover data from failed hard drives and RAID's other well known data recovery services have called unrecoverable).

Manufacturer Approved by all hard drive, RAID, flash drive and camera card manufacturers to recover your data without voiding your warranty.

HIPPA & PCI Compliant so you can rest assured your important files that are private or government regulated are kept safe throughout the recovery process.

Best Value for full service data recovery guaranteed. We have the best pricing, recovery rates and service combination in the country. No one will put in more effort to make sure you get a high quality recovery with original file structure for less money anywhere!

Our Engineers Are Beyond Certified!

All File Savers data recovery engineers are tried and tested to recover data in our ISO 5 class 100 clean room using the most advanced data recovery equipment, tools and technology that exist today. Our engineers are data recovery specialists.... It's all they do.... They are trained to recover your data from your Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, HGST and Maxtor hard drives. This includes all laptop, desktop or external hard drives including those from RAID servers.

Our engineers are specialist in reverse engineering and recovering mechanically failed hard drives, all versions of RAID, solid state drives, flash drives and camera cards no matter the brand, type or problem for customers all over Idaho Falls with our office in Idaho Falls.

We consistently recover data from failed hard drives and RAID's that other data recovery companies have deemed unrecoverable because our engineers will simply not give up until they have exhausted every possible solution to recover your files. Even if it means we lose money in the process.


Idaho Falls Idaho RAID Data Recovery Services

Business critical data is usually stored on multiple hard disk arrays called RAID (Redundant
Array of Independent Disks). Most RAID arrays are created to add redundancy to storage servers to prevent data loss and disaster in case of a single hard disk failure. Most RAID versions also provide performance increases for faster access to your data. Many of the RAID data recovery cases we see are related to hardware failures that include; RAID controller failure, power surges, multiple hard drive failure or other hardware component failures. We also recover deleted data and other user related accidents from RAID servers. We perform RAID data recovery from the most popular RAID configurations including but not limited to; RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10 and RAID 50.

If your RAID server fails, crashes or becomes corrupted, you need someone in Idaho Falls, ID you can trust and who has the RAID data recovery experience, training, tools and technology necessary to successfully recover your RAID fast. Our specialized RAID data recovery engineers are experts at recovering data from RAID with multiple hard drive failures, operating system failures, hard drive crashes, RAID controller failure and user errors such as deleting files or improper drive removal. We work with SAS, SCSI, SATA, IDE, and fiber channel based RAID arrays on a regular basis.

RAID arrays can be configured in virtually hundreds of different configurations. File Savers RAID data recovery engineers are trained to recover data from all the different RAID configurations. We are trained to comb through the ones and zeros on each RAID member in the RAID set. We then use the information we extract to manually line the drive configuration up so we can successfully extract and recover your RAID data.

Our data recovery engineers successfully recover the data from over 90% of the failed RAID arrays we see from Idaho Falls business and individuals. Cases that are not recoverable are almost always caused by user related mistakes during a DIY repair or recovery attempt. These mistakes are usually made by trained IT guys trying to save money or time. These mistakes include; RAID rebuilds, running chkdsk, software data recovery attempts, moving hard drives to a different server, changing hard drive order, initializing array, restoring data from backups, etc... If you make any of these mistakes above, chances are very high you will destroy your data and make it impossible or far more difficult to recover.

Our case studies show our data recovery success rates in Idaho Falls, ID for RAID's that are not rebuilt or tampered with have a recovery rate of over 98%. We highly recommend you shut your server down and call us if your RAID server is suffering from a multiple hard drive failure, controller failure or some other failure that's caused data inaccessibility. We specialize in RAID data recovery from...

File Servers: Office Documents, word, excel, PDF, pictures, etc...
 Accounting Servers: (Quick Books, Peachtree)
Database Servers: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, File Maker, etc..
Email Servers: Microsoft Exchange, etc...
Media Servers: Video and pictures
Domain Servers: Website hosting servers
Virtual Machine Servers: ESX Servers (VMware), Hyper-V, etc...
Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Novell RAID server data recovery.


Most Common Hard Drive Failure Types and What To Do Next...

Here at File Savers Data Recovery, we recover data from virtually every type of hard drive and RAID failure possible. We recover data from hard drives and RAID's that have been through natural disasters, flood, fire and lightning. We also recover data from hard drives that have been dropped, deleted or formatted for our Idaho Falls, ID clients. Whether your hard drive or RAID failure was caused by an accident, natural disaster or age, our experienced hard drive and RAID data recovery engineers will always give you the best chance of recovering your data.

We perform data recovery for our Idaho Falls Idaho clients from hard drives that are.....

Clicking, beeping, buzzing
Dead, not spinning, burnt electrical smell
Not spinning and making humming or buzzing sounds
Not recognized by computer
Cant access files
Errors or crashes when attempting to open files.
Asks to be formatted
Blue screen or black screens / operating system failure
Operating system damage
Bad sectors or firmware damage prevent drive from reading or being recognized.

If your experiencing any of the hard drive failure symptoms above and you have data that you can't afford to lose, power off your computer, server or hard drive immediately. This will help prevent further damage and ensure the best chance of recovering your important data.


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Manufacture Approved to Recover Data From All Hard Drive Brands!

Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery Western Digital hard drive data recovery Toshiba hard drive data recovery Hitachi hard drive data recovery Samsung hard drive data recovery Fujitsu hard data recovery HGST hard drive data recovery Quantum hard drive data recovery Maxtor hard drive data recovery IBM hard drive data recovery

Finally.....the perfect combination of low prices and great service for advanced clean room data recovery!

We recover hard drives & RAID's for businesses and individuals all over Idaho, inclucing these cities near Idaho Falls, ID

Eagle, ID
Pocatello, ID
Garden City, ID
Kuna, ID
Nampa, ID
Caldwell, ID
Emmett, ID
Payette, ID
Mountain Home, ID
Weiser, ID
Hailey, ID
Jerome, ID
Twin Falls, ID

factures/fujitsu.png" alt="Fujitsu hard data recovery "width="95" height="75" /> HGST hard drive data recovery Quantum hard drive data recovery Maxtor hard drive data recovery IBM hard drive data recovery

Finally.....the perfect combination of low prices and great service for advanced clean room data recovery!

We recover hard drives & RAID's for businesses and individuals all over Idaho, inclucing these cities near Idaho Falls, ID

Eagle, ID
Pocatello, ID
Garden City, ID
Kuna, ID
Nampa, ID
Caldwell, ID
Emmett, ID
Payette, ID
Mountain Home, ID
Weiser, ID
Hailey, ID
Jerome, ID
Twin Falls, ID